On those days your heart feels heavy and lost

Remind yourself every distraction and thought comes with a cost

You are not wrong to feel heartache and pain

Let these words sink deep , each verse I’ll explain

This is for us who have forgotten to sing, dance, and play

The inner child shamed, ridiculed and denied has something to say

Take a moment to slow down and let our hearts be the guide

There is something behind those thoughts and emotions we keep hidden inside

Life is never easy when you want it to be

Every choice you make comes with a consequence for the freedoms you seek

Why did we stop singing and dancing with life

In the act of acceptance we can break free from our vice

When we merge with the gentle tide of our breathing

We can connect with ourselves and find a deeper meaning

Between acceptance and resistance is the space of the unknown

You’ll find comfort in knowing you are never alone

Follow the deep unwavering wisdom of your heart

It knows exactly what you must let go of incase you forgot