George Kalantzis Writing A Poem

Not that young. Yet not old
The man in the mirror speaks
a story that must be told.

Life comes rising from a universe so wise.
Floods my body with a gift as I open my eyes.

I sit down and silence my mind.
Abundance in my first sip
of coffee. Words are what I find.

The violent storms in my body speak
to me in ways that show me a story of darkness only my heart can heal.
Acceptance and surrender are how I lower my shield.

I see you on this journey with me not
allowing me to stay small. All that was broken
forces us to bind together and stand tall.

If our hearts are open, nothing is ever too far. My daughter reminds me to wish upon a star. To feel it all is the gift of who we are.

Writing sets me free from the conditional chains of life. To surrender, I must breathe deep, feed my demons inside.

Fear persists
Clinched fists
Short breath

The knots in my stomach are a sign to start.
Words remind me to open my heart.

These are the places that made me forget who I was before I learned to run from it all. The sleepless nights as I sit with myself and watch the moon fall.

Look down at the ashes beneath my feet.
Immersion into my wounds, a journey I must complete.

Surrender and release come from giving up control. Every choice comes with a consequence. It’s time to let go and flow.

Pain causes tears. Laughs turn to smiles.
All of this takes us towards the center of our hearts. A journey of thousands of miles.

To the strong and courageous souls we are.
The uniqueness in our stories will carry us far.

Our hearts will carry us through the rising tides of the day. Take a deep breath and let the words I create take you away.

No right or wrong
No good or bad
No must be or shoulds

Remind yourself that everything you are is a gift. No matter how hard it may seem, the fact you are here right now is proof your heart exists.

Breathe deep and hold your heart
Dance, cry, run and play
It’s all part of your story
This is 37. I have so much to say