I saw the sun peak through the morning blinds.

A gentle reminder, that I am very much alive.

Most people have no idea how

to feel their own lips, eyes, ears,

heart, and breath. They run too

fast and try to cheat death.

I guess things can always be worse.

A lost poem. Another verse. 

Hate, violence, anger, and disdain.

Protection mechanisms stamped on

their hearts by lost generations in pain. 

Out there, people are searching for

something they will never see. I wonder

how their hearts would feel if they took 

a few moments to step in between and breathe.

Most people can’t see the vibrant

colors all around. Between surrender

and resistance, the truth will be found.

Our bodies hold the keys to

the freedoms we seek. The

center point of all life is born

the moment we breathe.

How could your life be different if

you surrendered this search? 

A part of you has called you here

to listen to these words. 

Give yourself permission to be 

all of who you are. At this moment

you drop out of your head and 

into your heart. 

If you need help in remembering

what it looks like to just be. It 

looks like forgiveness, it feels

like a release. In this moment

of surrender, you have to believe. 

When was the last time you

met the primal with the divine? To 

find what you seek, you must

clear your mind. 

Meet yourself at this moment longer

than the breath before. Need nothing

but the love for yourself, you are

worthy of this life, I am sure,