Within your darkness lives another voice.

If you choose to ignore it, as so many of us do

You will forget to see that life is happening for you, not to you.

Safety over growth, it becomes too risky to listen

An empty heart and heavy soul, for the expense of your vision

Treat this inner voice like your life’s work, and honor it as such

Even if it hurts to pause in the moment, and everything seems like too much

It’s time to meet your voice within, as it is here to tell you the answers you seek

Let it come forth from the belly of your being into the words you want to speak

Take a moment to breathe, and enjoy the comfort of yourself

Feel your soul’s expansion show you life’s greatest wealth

Ask it what you need, see how it responds to your questions

How much longer are you willing to ignore these subtle intentions

This voice holds the key to the freedoms you seek

When it comes calling, take a moment to turn inward and let it speak