Photo by  Nine Köpfer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

Different on the outside, but somehow inside the same

Here in these most vulnerable moments, our hearts fight to be connected through years of shame

Discovering how to heal what was accidentally scarred and broken

Listen to your heart, it wants to be open

Betrayal ,heartbreak, self-worth, pain, and frustration

Protection mechanisms stamped on our hearts from the last generation

Underneath our scars lies a universal truth

One that lies greater than darkness himself, connects us to our youth

You can always find stillness, no matter how deep the pain

Connect with your breath and let me explain

We lash out in the world with fear over love, doing what we’ve been told

It’s not our fault. 

It’s the way our brain has been wired, we’ve all been sold

This is what we are all collectively working on, to heal what once torn us apart

We have been guided by our inner voice to connect mind, body, and heart.

Intuitions guide us, they know what we want

Underneath the noise, wedged between stimulus and response

Breathe in to breathe out, this is how we’ll find what we seek

There is love fighting through darkness, if we let our hearts speak

No different you and I, in retrospect, the same

Fighting through darkness, connected through pain