I’m human, which means I think about the ways I could escape
The places I can go when my mind begins to race.

Life is simple here and the sky is always blue
Stuck in a world between the past and future
far from my truth. I feel my pain
and I observe my thoughts. I’ll never
forget the choices I made all
came with a cost. Like my
daughter exploring life
right now. I’m surrendering
to it, not really sure how.

The clouds set in and the earth begins
to shake. Writing takes me to places
as my inner worlds create. My words
set me free. My breath gives me space.
I observe my life in vibrant colors as
new characters take shape.

I wouldn’t change a thing
because life is so simple
it’s true. I never know
where my urge to run
comes from, I guess
it’s part of being human
I like this view.