Photo by  Levi XU  on  Unsplash

Photo by Levi XU on Unsplash

If you listen, your breath will allow you to come out from hiding

With every exhale, you can drop the falsehood of many identities you are fighting

Sit with this moment and take care of yourself to see all of who you are

The one you were born as before you stuffed parts of you into a jar

Be aware of this self fighting to let loose

Listen to your heart’s center, it will guide you to your truth

There are parts of you working desperately to hold on to be someone you are not

The center of your very being fights through the past of a dark twisted plot

Realize how difficult the life you are choosing is and can be

Your truth is shining light into this current life, it will set you free

Follow the deep unwavering wisdom that is yours to own

In this present moment, your breath will be your guide into the unknown

Listen now, heart open without fear

Your breath is where your past meets your present, and all worries dissapear