Pre-Sale Nowhere To Go- AudioBook


Pre-sale for Nowhere To Go- Audiobook 

This is the Presale for the audiobook Nowhere To Go.

Transitions are inevitable; surviving them is not. This book is your guide to not only surviving whatever it is you're going through but coming out ahead of where you ever thought you'd be. George masterfully weaves his own journey with universal lessons that one simply can't help but thrive when using." --Traver Boehm, TEDx speaker and author of Today I Rise and Man UNcivilized

In his powerful book about navigating life’s toughest transitions, George shares his personal stories about the moments he almost took his life, his battle with depression, addictions, and divorce for the first time. Fans of poetry and short stories will find an unexpected aspect to the book that will help them reveal their own truths hidden deep within.

The powerful metaphor is a reminder that the past doesn’t just walk away from you, and time doesn’t heal all wounds. It will follow you everywhere you go until you find the courage to stop running. With hidden prompts for self-reflection, George shows you how to fully accept yourself and rewrite the way you show up to the world.


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