Photo by  Serg Antonov  on  Unsplash

Photo by Serg Antonov on Unsplash

You watch the world change shape in front of your eyes

What you once knew morphs into something that flies

You try to run after this thing changing shape

You shake in fear as you watch your past escape

A cold burst of air calls you to silence

Do not fear stillness it is often your guidance

You hear the whispers off in the distance

Gently calling your name, life catches you with resistance

Trapped between the future and your past

This tension you face is what you have asked

Now is the time to explore what you very much had a part of creating

These words morph into some greater that is waiting

With your breath as your companion to provide you with space

Let your walls come down and

see the changes taking place

Allow your heart to open up to all that you fear

Feel how supported you are in the unknown

as your future becomes clear

When your life is morphing, remember this

you cannot see the gift in what you resist