Listen closely to the moments in which you run to escape

Take a deep breath and feel the present moment take shape

It’s waiting for you when you feel like you’ve been pushed towards the edge

What does your breaking point teach you, will you find your wedge

There is richness beyond your limits in the places you run to avoid stillness and discomfort

Your greatest adventures are meant to be some of your toughest

Your edge goes further than what you have been taught to believe and see

If you continue to turn away, you’ll rob yourself of life’s greatest discovery

Another side of you is waiting on the edge with an outstretched hand

Here you find courage to step beyond the ledge into a limitless land

One step closer towards comforts you are not used to

Your edge brings light to your life where darkness once grew

Out into the distance you can explore what life has to offer

Beyond the edge you will find a hidden version of you much stronger

See, you are torn between predictable ways of acting

The patterns of your past influence the world you are attracting

Choose to go deeper beyond the land of sorrow

A life lived on the edge today shapes the future of tomorrow

Step beyond the edge and greet the unknown with curiosity and passion

In a world full of possibilities, anything can happen

Acceptance, growth, love, and surrender

Beyond the edge you will find your adventure

All the places you run from are home to the freedoms you seek

Run no longer my friend, the edge is where you find nothing unique

To become free in this present moment without wanting to run

The edge will take you to a life that has just begun