Photo by  Daniel Jensen  on  Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Perched above my experiences in life, I held my heart ever so gently

It was all so simple I whispered to my lover, here is my last entry

We came to this earth to feel, love, and be more than we can imagine

Yet, so many of us neglect to listen to our hearts and show ourselves compassion

Eyes that can see into a world filled with inspiration and love

Arms created to hold a gentle embrace like the presence of a dove

A heart that follows a rhythm to remind us we are very much alive

A voice so powerful it transforms and empowers others to survive

We forget about the simplicity in life as we use our own minds to experience a war

Our breath is the key to life, don’t forget to return to it when you need to explore

When life seems torn apart to pieces and all feels lost

Every choice we make comes with a consequence; a price for a thought

When darkness comes, and it will find us on the days we least expect

We must not resist, but find our hearts and discover how to connect

When in this dark space, do not focus on the challenge, but look for good

Explore the possibilities in front of us, all that hurts is often misunderstood

Pain is a process of life in which we must dig deeper to see

The gift of light will always come back if we turn inward and wait patiently

The present moment we are living is the point of life in which we all seek

We are always being heard, the universe listens to the words we speak

Endless opportunities are right in front of us if we open up our eyes and ears

The path we all need to walk down is hidden behind a deep forrest of fears

We must not forget to close our eyes and sit with this moment

Nothing is more valuable than realizing we are our greatest opponent

You came into this world to live and be more than you can imagine

If given the chance, I’d listen to my heart more because that is where magic will happen

I lay here today and feel the power of my last breath

I am not afraid of the end, I accept and surrender to my new friend, his name is death