I heard a voice off in the distance

shout words of wisdom that told me to

open my eyes. It’s all so simple

when you follow the rhythm of

your heart, it will tell you no lies.

I can see the look of pain in your eyes and

the heaviness of defeat on your face. Change

is a natural part of life you must learn to embrace.

At the height of the human experience

is a beautiful creation of art. Eyes that can

create a story with a face it adores. A voice

that inspires others to transform. Lips that

can kiss, and a tongue that can taste. Look

no further life’s too precious to waste.

You can use this life to create a war or a

beautiful work of art. The choices you make

are thread together by every beat of your heart.

Everything that appears to be cracked and

broken beneath your feet, are puzzles and a process

of life that you will continually meet. With your

courageous will and strong hands. Take a deep

breath, watch all that was once fallen begin to stand.

What you are experiencing might well

be the answers to someone else’s prayers.

Explore the possibilities there is richness

beyond the borders of despair.

All that aches right now can be turned

into the light in which you seek. Only if you

embrace change and wait patiently for

you will find solace in the words I speak.

A truth that runs deeper than time is to

understand the only constant in life is change.

Freedom to be yourself does not need to

be earned, it needs to be claimed.

You are not broken.

You are alive.

You are open.