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Nowhere to Go

Navigating Tough Transitions

Written from the darkest days of George’s life, Nowhere To Go is a journey into the depths of your heart and soul. Each essay and poem provides you with life-changing tools to own your story and find the courage and strength you need to overcome any challenges you face.

Meet yourself in this moment longer than the breath before. Need nothing but the love for yourself, you are worthy of this life, I am sure.

Hi, I'm George

One day, after losing everything, I sat there alone, staring at the empty pages of my notebook. I took a deep breath and found the courage to let my heart bleed. Suddenly my wounds turned to wisdom as the world morphed in front of my eyes. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. I let my heart speak to me in the shape of poems and stories that bridged that gap between my inner and outer worlds. Everything I do today goes beyond who I am as a man because I believe my words create a safe space for others to find their voice and claim their unlimited potential.

George Kalantzis

“This is who I am , not who I was or who I will be. It’s easier to live when I become what I seek.”

My Mission

My Mission Is To Empower people to overcome the toughest days of their lives.

What other Leaders say

Dedicated to the craft
I’ve seen first-hand his dedication to the craft and know anyone would be lucky to have him in their corner as their coach.

– Tony Gentilcore
Dedication & Experience
George possesses a unique combination of smarts, dedication, and experience.

– Jonathan Goodman

Author and Founder Of The Personal Trainer Development Center

Masterful coaching work
George masterfully weaves his journey with universal lessons one can’t help but thrive when working with him.

– Traver Boehm

2x TEDx Speaker and author of Man UnCivilized

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Experience one of my life-changing courses. Choose a live course with George and others, or go at your own pace. Each course is designed to unlock your potential and create long-lasting change.

My Journal

I dive into all aspects of life from my heart. Every week I write entries that challenge my view on life. Grab a cup of coffee and join in on my thoughts. 


Words saved my life. May these poems help you find the courage you need to trust yourself in the unknown.

Programs / Resources

Everything you need is within – I am just helping you discover yourself


Nowhere to Go – The Virtual Book Club

A six week virtual book club and coaching course for those who are ready to dive deeper into the concepts from George’s book. The first live book club starts October 11th.

Online Course

The Spaces Between

A 5-day breathwork course designed to get you out of your head and into your heart.


Breathe with George

Live group breathwork sessions with George 2x/Month

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