How It Works

Attention spans are shrinking faster than you can read these words. Clients crave intimacy and value attention over money and time.

That’s why this strategy call exists.

 Rather than be confused by all the copywriting options available, we’ll go through your branding and messaging as is.

We will work together to align your voice and brand on the call so you have a plan for your existing copy, email funnel, or overall marketing strategy. You can roll over the price of your strategy session and select from the following services if we are a good fit to work more in-depth after the call.

Price $175

75 minute strategy session

Review of your current copy

Email funnel breakdown

Content creation for social media or articles

Professional bio's and story brand

Offer 1

Sales Page & Offer Creation For High-Ticket Coaches

Generate sales with a long-form sales page

Everyone wants copy that is unique, engaging, emotionally compelling, and entertaining.

Copy is one of the first things people see when they come across your brand. Most online coaches use drag and drop templates to fill their sales pages only to chase clients wondering why they can’t generate qualified leads. They forget about a customer journey and lose out on potential sales later down the road. 

But what if you could create a system that generates qualified leads and subscribers without ever worrying about your website or what email to write next?

From landing and sales pages, to email sequences, I’ll craft compelling copy based on research-driven methods to make your audience feel seen, heard, understood, and valued. 

That's what you want. It's what your clients want. And it's what I'm good at.

Sales page sequence for single promotion

Funnel map and weekly stragegy sessions leading up to launch

Landing page, webinar page, and thank you page

Email customer journey roadmap

30 -day post launch support

Package starts at $5,000 with six week turn-around **

**Price subject to change depending on strategy call

Offer 2

Email Funnel Makeover

Deepen customer relationships and drive sales

Roughly 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months.

While video can be a valuable piece of your marketing puzzle,  email is a digital channel that remains alive, thriving, and essential to gaining loyal fans. 

According to Hotspots’ list of marketing statistics in 2021, roughly 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.  

 More than ever, effective online sales and marketing is all about the customer journey. From letting prospects know that you have a solution to their biggest pain points and desires, to nurturing and building the relationship long after the first purchase, an email customer journey is the backbone of every successful business today. 

Let’s work together to design a customer journey that grabs attention, connects with prospects, and builds long-lasting relationships.

Complete email makeover

Customer journey roadmap

Opt-in sequences, landing page strategy, follow up sequences, and abandon cart messages

Newsletter strategy and edits

Weekly 30-minute strategy sessions

Package starts at $3500 with 30 day turnaround**

** Price subject to change depending on strategy call 

Offer 3

Content Creation

Establish your brand as the authority

It’s not enough to post on social media, create some ads, and expect your customers to convert. Content marketing is a critical component of generating qualified leads and clients. Pillar content from long-form articles is a great way to demonstrate authority, build trust, and gain loyalty.

The right content — presented in the right way — will be key to your brand’s success.

Let’s work together to create killer content that converts.

Pillar post**4,000 words plus

E-book content**

Article editorial calendar

Podcast conversion to blog

Single articles and social media captions

Price determined on strategy call

The nature of content creation can take a long time. If you are serious, book a call to discuss your options. 

Offer 4

Professional Bio & One Sheet

Does your bio stand out among the crowd?

If you’re anything like most online coaches, you probably don’t think about your professional bio until you’re suddenly asked for one. So you scramble with words and come up with something generic. And that is where I can help. 

Your bio is a part of your band that can generate income and potential networking opportunities for brand expansion.

Let’s work together to create something that feels and looks like you rather than some generic version of you.  


Social media might be leading the attention, but trends come and go. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create unique, audience -focused, and engaging communication to outlast the competition. And great copy is the common thread among successful businesses across the globe.

COPY IN 2022 BY #’S



Including personalized communications, notifications, and transactional emails in addition to newsletters. This is the backbone of all your branding success. 



Specifically short-form video content and influencer marketing. But what happens after Instagram and TikTok? Will your fans follow you to the next platform?



Using content to generate brand awareness, generate traffic, convert leads, and establish authority.

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